Prof. David Cooke

Room 414 Ernest Rutherford Building
3600 University St.

Email: cooke’at’physics.mcgill.ca
Phone: +1 514 398 2766

Short bio: I was lucky enough to be born in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. I did my B. Sc. Honours in Physics at St. Francis Xavier University working with Barry Wallbank on electron-molecule scattering in strong light fields, I then moved to Edmonton to do a Ph. D. in Physics at the University of Alberta in the group of Frank Hegmann, studying ultrafast carrier dynamics in semiconductor nanostructures. I then moved to Denmark as an H. C. ├śrsteds postdoc in the THz group of Peter Jepsen at DTU, continuing as an assistant and later an associate professor. In 2011, I decided to move back to Canada to start the Ultrafast THz Photonics Lab in the Physics Department at McGill. I am now a tenured associate professor and Director of the Centre for the Physics of Materials. I served as an associate editor for Optics Express from 2016 - 2019 and chair of CLEO  - THz Science and Technologies. 


Aidan Schiff-Kearn (PhD)

Space-time THz photonics
Email: aidan.schiff-kearn@mail.mcgill.ca

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Dominique Matte (PhD)

Intense THz pulse generation of electron pulses
Email: dominique.matte@mail.mcgill.ca

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Huiwen Shen (MSc)

Ultrabroadband THz spectroscopy of strongly correlated 2D systems.

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Benjamin Dringoli (PhD)

Ultrafast carrier dynamics of 2D materials
Email: dringoli@physics.mcgill.ca

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Benjamin Colmey (MSc)

THz driven metal nanotips

Previous group members

Postdoctoral researchers

Dr. Nima Chamanara
Dr. Francois Blanchard

Graduate students

Yang Lan - PhD
Gregory Bell - MSc
Lauren Gingras - MSc, PhD
Hadi Razavipour - PhD
David Valverde-Chavez - PhD

Undergraduate students

Benjamin Colmey
Balthazar Stingelin
Thomas St.-Denis
Ashvini Vallipuram
James Merrill
Lara Goxhaj
Andrew Evans
Alec Poulin
Danvin D'Souza
Jeffrey Mohan
Chantal Remillard
Marcel Georgin
Gabriella Iracema
Mark McEwan
Jeremy Bejamin
Sara Nagelberg
Zehua Xu
Ackeem Joseph
Max Schmitt
Evan Eames
Michael Chen